Seed Yam Production
in Hydroponics​​

The Seed Yam Production in Hydroponics guide builds on the seed production planning calendar above and provides details to produce each generation of seed yam in the hydroponic system. Methods of production covered in this guide include: ​

  • Direct soil planting. ​
  • Planting in multiple screenhouses​.
  • Developed motherplant.
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Fertigation Management in Coconut Fiber Substrate​

Fertigation is used in the hydroponic system. Fertigation is a fertilizer application method in which dissolved fertilizers are applied to the plant through the irrigation system. Fertigation has several benefits, including: ​

  • Precise fertilizer application in which the nutrient solution has specific rates of nutrients, as well as pH and EC levels. ​
  • Increase in nutrient availability and uptake by the plants. The fertilizers are dissolved in water, making the nutrients more readily available for absorption by the plants.

Research institutions such as IITA and private sector companies have tested and continue to test different fertigation solutions to provide tailored recommendations for seed yam companies to ensure optimum plant growth and health at each plant stage. These programs are designed to provide the nutrients needed at each stage of growth.

A fertigation manual was prepared to assist companies in developing fertigation solutions for optimum plant growth. The manual provides the following: ​

  • Fertigation prescriptions from IITA and Context/Sahel​
  • Guide to mixing fertilizers
  • Guide to creating substitute mixtures if fertilizers are not available in the market. ​

To support your evaluation of your yam processes, use this tool. ​

Seed Yam Production in Hydroponics Guide ​

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