Sales and Marketing

Go into the tools to get access to the sales and marketing manual. The manual details key considerations for building out an effective sales and marketing strategy. The manual is broken into six modules aimed at increasing seed companies’ understanding of the following:

  • The unique attributes and selling points of the seed yam varieties sold by their companies​
  • How to identify, and segment customers based on their unique buying attributes​
  • Seed yam marketing and how to develop marketing messages​
  • How to set sales targets and efficiently distribute seed yam​
  • Seed yam pricing and payment options​

​A training manual for Seed Yam Sales was developed to guide seed companies in developing effective marketing strategies. The following six modules are included in the manual: ​

  • Product attributes and unique selling points​
  • Customer identification and market segmentation​
  • Marketing strategy and marketing messages​
  • Seed yam sales target, packaging and distribution strategies​
  • Seed yam pricing and payment strategies​
  • Customer relationship management​

To support the sales and marketing efforts, the following tool is available. ​

Sales and Marketing
Training Manual

The purpose of this manual is to equip the sales teams of the seed companies with information and skills required to drive successful seed yam sales campaigns for the new improved varieties

of seed yam.

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