Evaluating the Business Cases for Seed Yam Production​

​Seed yam businesses can take many shapes and sizes, depending on the customer you are trying to serve, the products types that they demand, the resources you command, and your financial objectives.​

For example, you could focus on producing and marketing juvenile plantlets and tubers from hydroponics (G2 Vines and Tubers) to other seed producers. Or you could decide to further multiply these vines and tubers through subsequent field production generations (G3 or G4 Tubers) and sell to agrodealers, farmers, and institutional buyers.​

The earlier the generation of seed, the faster it is to produce and sell, but the higher cost to produce. For later generations of seed, the cost of production goes down, but the cash flow requirements goes up because it takes longer to produce and sell the products. These tradeoffs need to be weighed through the lens of your organization.


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Operational and Financial Projections

The next section covers the Operational and Financial projections.

We recommend you download a copy of the Seed Yam Business P&L calculator, find a quiet place to work, and bring any materials you might have about your yam business or business idea to reference.

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