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Meet Wazobia Enterprises​

To demonstrate how a prospective seed yam entrepreneur could leverage these concepts and tools, we use a fictional Nigerian seed company, Wazobia Enterprises, as a case study throughout the toolkit.​

Wazobia Enterprises (Wazobia) is a Nigeria-based seed company that is based in Benue State. Its focus is on producing certified OPV maize and lowland rice varieties from public germplasm and selling finished seed to agrodealers (40%), farmers (40%), and institutional buyers (20%). Wazobia is considering expanding its product line to include high-yielding, white yam varieties that are poundable and sweet in taste.

Wazobia’s Target Marketing Area​

Wazobia’s Product Portfolio


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As you prepare for the three screens ahead, we hope the Wazobia Enterprise examples will give you context along the way.

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