Operational and
Financial Projections​​

The calculator enables you to evaluate numerous scenarios by adjusting assumptions. These should be updated to reflect your particular circumstances.

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We use the following assumptions from Wazobia as a starting point within the Seed Yam P&L Calculator. ​

The Wazobia team’s goal is to sell 500 MTs of G4 tubers by year five. It used the following business model assumptions as a starting point within the Seed Yam P&L Calculator and then customized assumptions around multiplication rate and cost of product. These assumptions should be updated to reflect your specific circumstances.​

Profit and Loss

Based on these operational and cost assumptions, Wazobia anticipates cash outflows of ~$430k through Year 4 before its first sale of seed tubers (~300MT for $360,000). It expects to breakeven in Year 5 after reaching its production capacity and selling ~500MT of seed yam tubers (G4) for $600k. ​

Seed production is a capital-intensive business. One of the key enablers, particularly for vegetatively propagated crops like yam, is working capital.​

Wazobia’s 5-year cash flow view based on P&L calculator assumptions​.​

Screenhouse and field production of seed yam​

Based on Wazobia’s 500 MT target of marketable seed yam by Year 5, its management expects to require nearly 50 hectares of unirrigated land for G4 production, 7 hectares of irrigated land for G3 production, and a hydroponics-based screenhouse for the multiplication of breeder seed over two generations.​

Fixed and Variable Costs​

Cost of goods sold and overhead assumptions can be updated to reflect your organization’s specific situation and prevailing market conditions. ​

In Wazobia’s case, its management assumes that the cost to setup and manage a seed yam production system will increase from ~$48K in Year 1 to ~$330K in Year 5.

This increase is largely driven by the cost of field production, which scales in relation to the number of irrigated and unirrigated hectares that Wazobia cultivates.


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