Business Model Screening

A business model is the story that explains how your seed yam business works. It describes the money-making logic behind delivering value to your customers. ​

The business model screen supports your ability to evaluate the impact of different production and marketing assumptions on the bottom line. ​

While each seed yam business is unique, there are some common characteristics of the business model that can be generalized.

Evaluate the impact of different production and marketing assumptions on their bottom line.

Key Question
What is the business case for producing and marketing quality seed yam?​

Business Model Screen Sections

1. Evaluating Business Cases

Seed yam businesses can take many shapes and sizes, depending on the customer you are trying to serve, the products types that they demand, the resources you command, and your financial objectives. Let us dive into the details of the business model screen, starting with evaluating the business case for seed yam production.

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2. Operational and
Financial Projections

This section covers the Operational and Financial projections. We recommend you download a copy of the Seed Yam Business P&L calculator, find a quiet place to work, and bring any materials you might have about your yam business or business idea to reference.

3. Seed Yam
Business Partners

This next section gives an overview of seed yam business partners that can support you in establishing a successful seed yam business.

4. Sales and Marketing

This section overviews the sales and marketing manual. The manual details key considerations for building out an effective sales and marketing strategy.