Demand Creation Trials (DCTs)
AND How they add value

​Demand creation trials (DCTs)1 can be used to quantify farmers’ qualitative perception of ‘wish list’ traits. ​

This enables more informed varietal prioritization, product positioning, and marketing strategy decisions. ​​

Along the way, teams can educate farmers on the differential traits of yam varieties and build relationships with prospective customers, influencers, and channel partners.

1DCTs are small plots designed to compare varieties against one another and to determine which varieties best deliver on target farmer customer needs.

Source: ClimMob is a free software and online platform for the design and management of participatory testing projects, using the tricot approach. ClimMob guides you through your own tricot project. It takes care of data management and statistics. The current version of ClimMob is version 3. [].


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The following section provides tools to assess the farmer's value for improved seed yam varieties. We recommend you download the tools so you can follow along.

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